Ivan Aleksandrov


Common Language Thesis Book

278 Pages — Saddle Stitch Binding — 10.6 x 8.25" — 2019

The book is split into two halves: first half is structured like an alphabet, where each letter corresponds to a chapter that contains content on a topic that I researched for the thesis project. The chapter heads of the letters that ended up being more relevant to the thesis work are marked in red. The second half of the book documents the process of making the work. The type in the second half is set completely in red color and generally follows a more loose layout to convey the chaos of putting together a thesis project.

Bindery services refused to saddle stitch a 278-page book. A couple of unfortunate attempts to bind it by hand resulted in broken threads and needles. Thus, I ended up using a stationary drill press to puncture the holes in the paper.