Ivan Aleksandrov


Parquet Courts (Website)

Color extravaganza

Common Language (Installation)

An installation that explore the ways history repeats itself today.

Hub Student Film Festival (Brand Identity)

Identity concept for an ambitious film festival upstart.

Common Language Thesis Book (Publication)

The world's first book that was put together with a drill.

Modular Benches (Furniture Design)

Conceptual seating arrangement.

Clay Tablets (Typography)

Tracing the evolution of vernacular English language through the prism of history.

Steppe Momma's Milk (Poster)

A dairy-themed exhibition graphic for Slavs and Tatars.

Водка & 米饭 (Packaging)

Educating the West one hit track at a time.

Two Encounters with Irma Boom (Photography)

Documenting a peculiar coincedence.