Ivan Aleksandrov


Parquet Courts (Website)

Online color extravaganza for a hip indie band.

Makeup Museum (Identity/Social Media Content)

Beauty meets brutalism.

Common Language Thesis Book (Publication)

The world's first book that was put together with a drill.

Hub Student Film Festival (Identity)

Identity concept for an ambitious film festival upstart.

Common Language (Installation)

An installation that explore the ways history repeats itself today.

Steppe Momma's Milk (Poster)

A dairy-themed exhibition graphic for Slavs and Tatars.

Clay Tablets (Typography)

Tracing the evolution of vernacular English language through the prism of history.

Водка & 米饭 (Packaging)

Educating the West one hit track at a time.

Modular Benches (Furniture Design)

Conceptual seating arrangement.

Two Encounters with Irma Boom (Photography)

Documenting a peculiar coincedence.